I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there are far too many songs in this world named “California”. If you’re into alternative music, chances are that you can type “California” into the search bar of your personal music library and at least half a dozen songs will appear. The upside here is that, aside from out-played lyricism, Californian songwriting frequently generates inspired music, addictive instrumentals, and downright catchy hooks. The songs usually reflect the Golden State’s relaxed culture, emulating the sunny landscape and laid-back lifestyle in a three to five minute “jam sesh” of sorts. Delta Spirit didn’t get that conceptual memo however, as their take on the old topic echoes adolescent restlessness in sound and in notion.

These San Diegans developed what I would consider to be the most flawlessly harmonious chorus of 2012. In a sense, the stirring and melodic hook almost cannibalizes the intrigue presented by the rest of the song, as the lingering verses seem more like draggy and tedious breaks than amusing introductions into the repeated choruses. In other words, every point that isn’t the chorus puts listeners in a mental standstill as they anxiously think to themselves “Come on, get back to the harmonious ‘oohs'”.  If that’s the price you have to pay to win over millions of green fans, than I’m sure Delta Spirit were willing to pay it.