You know that prodigal musician that seemed stuck in a depressingly low, lifelong slump of underachievement? Well, this is his big break. After drifting transiently through the industry for over 15 years with no-name bands like Laguardia and Eastern Conference Champions, Josh Ostrander struck gold with his hit 2016 single “Shine” performed under the solo moniker Mondo Cozmo. After debuting last October, “Shine” recently reached #1 on in Billboard’s Adult Alternative charts in January of this year, thus clobbering expectations that the burgeoning Philadelphian would wade through the same humble rut for his entire career. That surprise was paralleled in the deeply spiritual and at times bluntly Christian message that “Shine” pushes from the first sentence to the last. Such a pious tone typically get’s overlooked for its inability to eclipse steadfast demographics, but Mondo Cozmo has transcended the unthinkable with a song that’s meant to exude happiness and communal togetherness, subsequently giving the listener a prime opportunity to flex the golden pipes with a chorus that’ll be stuck in their head for hours.

Psyched about this not-so-young (but budding nonetheless) artist in the making?  If so, you’re in luck. It’s touring season, and Mondo Cozmo is taking his act to numerous major festivals all across North America. From Sasquatch and Boston Calling this weekend to other recognizable festivals like Governor’s Ball, Bonnaroo, Firefly Music Festival, and Lollapalooza, Mondo Cozmo is slated to open for some of the most fashionably prominent acts in the world. Festival fun and a new artist in bloom…what’s not to love?