Alright, who’s the jokester that rounded up a crew of sun-soaked west coast nerds and put instruments in their hands? Without even considering the music, it was hard enough taking Sure Sure seriously from a characteristic point of view. Their hipster-esque quirks scream geeky volumes, as they openly claim non-musical inspiration from sources like Minecraft, coffees & teas, and Aerobie flying disc rings. How in the world could those erratic curiosities translate to music? Well, definitionally speaking, it’s kinks and aberrations like that which categorically illustrate “Indie” as a genre.

With such wayward influences, it may come as a surprise that “New Biome” tells such an uncomplicated tale of normalcy. Despite conceptually relaying a straightforward story of primal audaciousness, “New Biome” has a sound that strays more towards the adventurer’s warranted desire to crash on the couch, bed, or comfy surface of choice after earning the long day’s keep. In other words, despite discussing an ambition for freelance expedition, “New Biome” doesn’t inspire much aside from much-needed relaxation.