Warning: at least one of these songs is going to get stuck in your head. Haim’s sophomore album Something To Tell You is a monument of pop rick built around the staying power of addictive choruses. The album’s hooks are formulaic in their endlessness, spiraling around in continuous loops that are more consistently memorable than they are annoyingly repetitive. Each verse is entertaining in nature, but the verses are realistically limited as a song-fillers that do little more than close the gaps between refrains. Haim knows what their audience came here for, and it certainly wasn’t for a set of thought-provoking interludes.

Something To Tell You‘ s choral value reflects the same significance that house music places on the beat drop. Most tracks utilize continuous build-ups to emotionally prepare listeners for the dazzling main attractions. Once each refrain is reached, Haim utilizes classic motifs of togetherness to immerse the crowd into a truly engrossing group experience. Frequently heavy clapping brings lively amusement to human percussion, while a triple threat of harmonies allows Haim to constantly switch between lead singers and vocal distortion tactics. Those central patterns provide an occasionally predictable blueprint to most songs on Something To Tell You, but is anticipatory excitement really a bad thing?

Favorite Tracks: Want You Back, Nothing’s Wrong, Little of You Love, You Never Knew, Right Now