A physically taxing week coincidentally joined by torrential weather has called for a truly stormy Song Of The Day. French For Rabbits are all too familiar with embracing literal and figurative storms and the emotions they force on their victims. In their eyes, those storms are best experienced during the peculiar limbo between resting phases, as the very first line of their website’s biography asserts the revelatory statement, “In the space between waking and sleeping we have our most vivid dreams—vaguely strung together threads of memories, inner weirdness, our fears and hopes.” That faculty of distorted sensation is an admission of the mind’s deepest crevices. “Woke Up To A Storm” asserts the darker side of that feeling, stimulating escapist thoughts while struggling to react or corral the consciousness after recently being woken up.

Despite vivid descriptions of a monsoon, “Woke Up To A Storm” is not meant to be taken literally by any means. The song reflects a heated argument during a vulnerable mental period for the recipient of the clash. The topic of the exchange is uncertain, but the anger is advertised in perturbed facial features along with “lashes” and “thundering” external feelings. The final line signifies the only moment where the protagonist fights back against their counterpart, as the refrain of “I could see it in your eyes” is followed by “You’re letting in the clouds.” The lead is letting their counterpart know, whether through similar facial expressions or audible words, that this trouble was preventable from the start.