The disparate power of the piano strikes again. Cataldo headman Eric Anderson’s voice was already appealing enough with its noticeable similarities to Death Cab For Cutie’s Ben Gibbard. Pairing those recognizably tuneful vocals with piano skills that could melt the hardest of hearts is a recipe for one of the most unexpectedly exciting indie albums of 2017. Keepers’ multilayered format flips back and forth between vaulting listeners out of their seat and comfortably laying them back down again, as half the songs ignite animated excitement while the other half incite happy-go-lucky mental ascension.

Through half of the album, Cataldo feeds off of passion. Songs like “Little Heartbeat” and “Photograph” are fast-paced and get the audience’s blood pumping with indie-inspired pulses. Their electronic hue gleams over the fluffy background, forming that buoyant liveliness that glows with provocation. The second half of the album is filled with songs that are laid-back and lighthearted. The gentle tracks soar over open musical plains as continuous joy begins to feel routine. Songs like “Between You an Me,” “Straight Up Western (White Noise),” and “Person You’d Be Proud Of” normalize an untroubled sense of understanding with song structure that doesn’t utilize much of a chorus and focuses on perpetually appeasing verses. Songs of both identifications have one instrumental feature in common, and that’s that the piano is always at the forefront. The keys guide the pace, and they certainly lead the audience down a number of different creative paths.

Favorite Tracks: Little Heartbeat, Between You and Me, Straight Up Western (White Noise), Person You’d Be Proud Of, Photograph