Not many people would classify virtually constant sedation as a means of escape. Jake Bugg is the rare exception. His difficult upbringing led him down a path influenced by his need to “drink to remember” and “smoke to forget,” but those means of desensitizing haven’t brought Bugg down. He’s embraced the label of a momentous forward-thinker rather than a numb degenerate, thusly living life in the present in realization that the worst is behind him. “Two Fingers” defines that mindset of living in the moment, as Bugg sees his problems as nothing more than an inspiration for change.

It’s unclear whether Jake Bugg’s attempt to “Hold two fingers up to yesterday” refers to a fleeting peace sign or the preparation for another cigarette, but one thing’s for sure: he’s rightfully acknowledging his escape from the depths of immobilizing deprivation. Strong friendship’s trump his former psychological distress. Constantly developing and unraveling family troubles are kissed goodbye by nothing more than a good attitude. The adaptability that got Bugg out of his physical and mental slum are now what have catapulted him to positive acclamation, and there’s a lot more to come with a distinguished young career at his back.