Pumpkin, hoodie, and foliage lovers rejoice – your time of the year has finally arrived. A cool breeze is tapping the world on the shoulder while that drawer of seasonally untouched sweaters is whispering to be opened. Despite your most impossible wishes, summer is in the rear view mirror. With summer’s passing comes the timely exit of its provocative hooks, sun-soaked music festivals, and the dog days of addicting lyrical ignorance. Artists have begun taking a more subdued and thoughtful approach to songwriting as concerts start to move indoors and windows roll up for a more personalized listening experience. The past three months have provided a compelling mix of summer and fall approaches to composition that capture the warm ecstasy of a Saturday night in July along with the unwound contention of a cool Sunday afternoon in September. For any self-proclaimed “basic” fall lovers that aren’t picking up what I’m laying down, prepare for the musical equivalent of an iced coffee detox followed a warm cup of comforting pumpkin spice excellence.

After nearly a decade of filter feeding off of their bloated “can’t go wrong” self-indulgence, Coldplay has returned to the stem of their success story. “All I Can Think About Is You” draws from the same sensitive, unparalleled intensity that their millennial debut Parachutes established as the band’s breakthrough focal point. The song is a refreshing taste of nostalgia compared to Coldplay’s latest ventures, as recent albums and featured singles like their Chainsmokers collaboration “Something Just Like This” did little more than showcase Chris Martin’s endearing voice while lazily tossing the band’s supporting cast into an unused and unrecognizable state of nothingness.

Hot take alert – Charli XCX is the most unappreciated pop star that 2017 has thrown our way. After the release of her stunning and immodest album Number 1 Angel back in March, Charli XCX returned with an even more assertively suggestive single bluntly titled “Boys.” Atlantic Records’ pop prodigy wastes no time putting her primal obsessions on full display as she professes her idolization of the motley assortment of men at her fingertips. As awkward as “Boys” is to sing for those of us who don’t share the same instinctive desires, the dance-centric hedonism is infectious in its ability to inspire subconscious thrills.

The remnants of summer love are scattered all over this year’s fall music scene. Soothing duos like that of Spazzy D & Mia Gladstone in “My Love,” Daniel Caesar & H.E.R. in “Best Part,” and the members of Billy Davis in “Esau” signify that lasting relationships are emerging out of a select few summer flings. Other more unfortunate victims of casual relationships like St. Vincent in “New York,” Youth in “Hey Carolina,” and Moonrise Nation in “Fairweather Friend” are expressing palpable emotional distress as they grieve through their unexpected loneliness. For those of us that have avoided literal love all together, it’s okay to figuratively fall in love with a handful of songs as a temporary void-filler. As always, the songs in the following playlist are in no particular order with a restriction of only one song per artist. Enjoy!

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