No matter how much stress life throws your way, No Vacation’s Amo XO can help you seamlessly unwind in as little as 15 minutes. Sure, that may sound like an ignorable infomercial pitch, but No Vacation’s bite-sized debut album is no gimmick. The 2015 collection is lined with placid instrumental tracks that emulate their tranquil namesakes with titles like “Late Morning Brekkie,” “Cafe Beat,” and “Pillowcase.” Lyrically involved tracks follow suit asserting that lethargy isn’t just accepted, it’s advocated as one of life’s most underrated treasures.

No Vacation’s series of nerdy eulogies defines the essence of indie culture. Your everyday alternative album wouldn’t shake 10 foot pole at the inclusion of soundbites from classic video game characters, or dedicating an entire ballad to the active avoidance of doing laundry. Amo XO is different. It’s millennial interest in comfortable inactivity coupled with feckless, bedridden dreams make it much more relatable than the standard dreams-come-true narrative.

Favorite Tracks: Laundry Day, August, Beach Bummer, Lovefool