Lace up your dancing shoes. They can’t keep collecting dust in your closet with this much love at stake. Izzy Bizu has all the tools to get those shoes moving and ignite life’s omnipresent dance floor with a little more than just the routine two step. The South Londoner’s love-crazed stint blossoms into a full-blown display of infatuated euphoria in “White Tiger” as Bizu struggles to hold back her dopamine-enriched feelings for an otherworldly partner. She dances through colorful streets with a grin as wide as can be to force a dimple-straining smile along the face of each audience member. Keep in mind that dancing without smiling is grounds for questioning general sanity, but Bizu makes sure to inspire her beaming happiness with an especially admirable level of elation.

Strained cheek bones aren’t the only side effects of this contagious bliss. Despite tangible contentment, there is still a lurking sense of doubt and distrust in the back of Bizu’s mind. White Tiger’s animated spirit briefly lulls when Bizu includes minor precarious lines like “I’m not in my comfort zone, wanna back out but not alone.” Bizu’s realization of her dangerous risk-taking grace’s her mantra with a much more humanized role as she avoids perfection in pursuit of dream-worthy possibilities. The white tiger’s rare, elusive categorization flips a mental trigger in for Bizu that turns uncertainty into opportunity while also turning any given street corner into a full-blown dance studio.