Ladies beware, we’ve entered the realm of boy band 2.0. All the irresistible attraction associated with a lady-killing group of male pop stars is mashed into one epitomized “pretty boy” with the new-age alt-pop group LANY. Their electronic tales of relational betrayal are a recipe for charmingly susceptible stew, as lead singer Paul Klein milks the gallant rockstar mantra for all it’s worth. Their sound counters dance-centric synths with sentimental despair for an exemplary instigation of youthful angst. In short, women go crazy for these guys.

The concert kicked off with Dagny, a Norwegian pop group that seemed like they were still searching for their identity but having fun doing it. Their limited setlist lacked live distinction, but their soul search came packaged with a well-received set of quips and smiles that got the crowd excited. Lead singer Dagny Sandvik’s ad-libbed dance moves and infectious attitude resulted in some interesting mic visits, the most notable of which found her chuckling to the crowd “I think I may have ripped my jumpsuit with that last move.” Minor adjustments like more powerful percussion and reduced emphasis on their trusty Macbook Pro for production support would steer this young band in an attributable direction over the next step of their blossoming career.

Despite plenty of screaming women introducing LANY to the stage, it took awhile for the band to get their feet off the ground. The front half of their set was overly focused on Paul Klein’s crowd-pleasing sex-appeal than on the performance itself. Klein began his approach with an egotistical exhibition, pulling frustrating stunts like holding a guitar as a prop without playing it for entire songs, unnecessarily standing on his piano seat, and carefully drooping his open sweatshirt below his arms simply to excite the emotionally fixated crowd. Once the B-sides were out of the way and Klein realized he couldn’t retain his alluring traction for more than a handful of songs, the true talent emerged from beneath the surface. Lyricism stopped representing an display of sensitivity and began showcasing a range of provocative notes. Progressively complicated synth solos and passionate drums made for a more customized and engaging act. When I eventually hopped in an Uber with a friend and left the venue, he summed up the experience well by saying “Considering the level of sound engineering they use in the studio, that concert could have been much riskier event to attend. I really enjoyed it.” Below is LANY and Dagny’s setlist in order of live occurance.

Best live tracks: WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS, The Breakup, Super Far, Hericane