It’s much easier to move onto the next chapter of your life when you’re friends are there flipping the page along with you. The cornerstone of Little May’s folky foundation was built on the solidity of friendship, as Hannah Field, Liz Drummond and Annie Hamilton all use their connective songwriting talents to muse their post-education amalgamation. The three experienced a culturally familiar threshold crossing when they graduated from their schooling life in Sydney, but turning to their self-taught, conglomerated musical roots gave their young hearts purpose.

That purpose rings especially true in “Boardwalks,” which representated the forthright introduction to Little May’s career back in 2014. As their debut, “Boardwalks” speaks to their green experience in a scared but enthusiastic fashion, acknowledging that they’re making a leap of faith by shaping their musical career together rather than respectively taking the beaten path solo. Each line takes them one mental step further away from home and one complementary step closer to their ambitious and cloudy dreams. The leisurely paced front half of “Boardwalks” emphasizes the collective comfortability that they have in each other, thus blanketing their inexperienced nervousness with an encouraging amicability. Their excitedness rears its lovable head during the song’s fast-paced climax, as they emerge from their ponderous, slower opening to an energetic dream-chasing haste to signify that they’re hitting the ground running in order to turn their fantasies into reality.