Bad relationships are inevitable, but rejecting a relationship in fear of inviting a potential emotional setback is a new level of complexity. Sweden’s Snoh Aalegra fully admits to her confound pursuits of love resulting in current hesitation, as she told Teeth Magazine that “I just love making bad choices in the dating department, but like Carrie Fisher beautifully said, ‘Take your broken heart and make it into art’, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.”

“Emotional” puts Aalegra’s complications on full display by welcoming her transparent mix of her congealed anger, sadness, and confusion. Her mental cartwheels seem stressful, but in a sense they guide her like an empowering mental shepherd. The fiery stimuli kindling Aalegra’s expressive and powerful voice also comes with a little jazzy brass flavor to calm her heated enthusiasm. Wu-Tang Clan’s legendary producer RZA collaborated with Aalegra to amplify that backing big band fusion into a more auxiliary spirit, thus keeping “Emotional” bold without letting Aalegra seem like she’s losing her cool.