The words “Take me back” rarely result in a dry-eyed response. The Dig however, are letting the equivalent remorseful evocation fly through one ear and straight out the other. The New York City alternative rockers flex their cold shoulder in “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” by recounting the initial unfriendliness that ended their relationship and dishing out the long-awaited, reciprocal stiffness on the attempted rebound. The difference with this rejection however, is that The Dig feel payback is a dish best cooked slow.

With the release of all that requited resentment, you would expect “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” to be a lot more outwardly angry. Instead, frontman Emile Mosseri’s steady, toe-tapping bassline gives a stoical, unsympathetic feel to his ballad of masked recovery. The culminated anticipation slowly roles out in less of a satisfactory apex and more of a calculated nonchalance. Despite that this aloof response may seem unsatisfying, some would categorize it as the harshest counter imaginable. Their uncaring attitude, whether genuine or not, demonstrates the crudity found in The Lumineers famous quote from “Stubborn Love” when they asserted, “It’s better to feel pain then nothing at all. The opposite of love’s indifference.” In other words, the Dig know that there’s no more powerful strike than the figurative sucker punch known as apathy.