Game of Thrones fans, prepare to get your nerd on. Jacob Anderson, the English actor known fondly to Game of Thrones fans as Grey Worm, has more talent up his sleeve than just leading a fictional band of warrior-eunuchs. Anderson has been operating under the musical alias Raleigh Ritchie since 2013 and has managed to sneak a series of fun and charming R&B ballads past the majority of the international public. Aside from select singles appearing on the UK charts, songs like “Cowards” have been largely masked to global audiences due to the shadow cast by Anderson’s role on the world’s most popular television series.

“Cowards” is a breath of fresh air to those looking for realism behind the actor, as Anderson describes his familiar experience with maneuvering the intricacies a new companion. All too often people cloak their physical attraction to each other with diffident mental sheepishness, all the while failing to admit they’re awkwardly dancing in an age-old matchmaking game. That act of saving face can be best described by Anderson’s short film “Hi Maintenance” which walks viewers through the delicate and occasionally perplexing tiptoe of affairs needed to get a connection off the ground.