A wise man once said, “If you do nothing, nothing happens.” Redundant as that may sound, bands like Sydney, Australia’s Boy & Bear realize that living life in a retrospective dream state can lead to a false sense of accomplishment. Their 2013 ballad “Southern Sun” tells the story of a reminiscent man stuck in the distant, unreachable quests of his past. Through his feckless reasoning, the only way for him to get back to those arousing pursuits is by exercising an animated imagination. He unfortunately fails to realize that opening his eyes isn’t the root to his shiftless problems; it’s closing them.

Boy & Bear’s 2013 album Harlequin Dream acknowledges that same charmingly foolish enthusiasm by emphasizing the idealist, reformative mentality often seen in most 70’s rock. Their relaxed steel guitar sound promotes a hidden ambition within confident Old Town Blues mellowness, all the while remaining ambiguously optimistic. Keeping that positive, sweeping development in mind, Boy & Bear manifest a soaring twang with songs like “Southern Sun.” That unrestricted vision is emphasized by the wide open odyssey respectively trekked by every member in the music video below, each one stopping to join each other on the mountain to symbolize that they’re still on their journey together.