One man bands are old news. This is 2017 dammit, and one woman bands are all the rage. Melbourne’s Tash Sultana has emerged as one of Australia’s hottest young artists over the past year, as the 22 year old has gone from a simple curbside entertainer to a nationwide sensation in a matter of months. The former street performer’s local notoriety gained her hundreds of sold out shows that received little to no promotional backing, but her explosion of fame did not come from her face-to-face performances. In fact, it’s secluded in-home videos like this live bedroom recording that garnered her a widespread cultist fan base.

The multi-instrumentalist learned to wield a guitar at the mere age of three, but her status as an individual powerhouse stems from more than her early sessions. Over the past ten years, she’s expanded her repertoire to more than ten instruments including bass, trumpet, flute, and saxophone. Her multi-faceted aptitude shows, as her music is highlighted by seemingly infinite layers of complimentary sounds stacked one on top of the other like a complicated tower of never-ending elaboration. Sultana’s unique sound has left her suffocating in awards and accolades. Over the past year alone, she’s topped iTunes alternative charts in multiple countries with her lone EP Notion, gone platinum with that same EP, reached #3 on Triple J’s Hottest 100 with “Jungle,” gotten featured on the FIFA 18 soundtrack, won the Triple J unearthed award for breakout artistry, received four ARIA award nominations, received an APRA Award nomination, AND amassed over 100 million streams worldwide.