Purposely ignoring someone’s text messages is certainly mean-spirited. Turning on your read receipts and continuing to disregard someone’s text messages through a translucent lens of disrespect, however, is a new level of heartlessness. Kyle Thornton & The Company deal with that discourteous digital behavior in “Read Receipts” with collective smirks on their faces, as all eight members understand that their trendy satire is hitting home with the youthful crowds of Boston and beyond. The recent graduates of Beantown’s renowned Berklee College of Music played in dozens of bands over their collegiate career, but the internal staying power of Kyle Thornton & The Company stems from the group’s suave winsomeness on stage and collaborative approach to songwriting in the studio.

If fashionable artists like The Roots and Anderson .Paak haven’t provided enough proof that jazz rap is one of the most likable genres breaking back into the public eye, let Kyle Thornton & The Company hammer that concept home for you. Their urban contemporary style fuses playful jazz with smooth hip-hop, all the while parodying awkward romantic nuances to provide an experience that’s as pleasant as it is charismatic. Their cheesy performance flaws aren’t tough to identify (incessant finger-snapping, coordinated and outdated swaying from side to side, lacking a distinctive “look,” etc.), but any Millennial will attest to the fact that Kyle Thornton & The Company’s groovy, concept-driven ballads provide some of the most agreeable topics/tones they’ve heard in quite awhile.