Holy Led Zeppelin, Batman! For those of you that are late to the game, meet Greta Van Fleet. The Wisconsin product is making massively restorative waves in the American music scene through their carbon copy representation of one of the most identifiable classic rock bands of all time. What’s the secret in mimicking the historically unparalleled style of Led Zeppelin, you ask? Having a singer dubbed by many as “Robert Plant 2.0” doesn’t hurt.

Brothers Josh Kiszka (vocals), Jake Kiszka (guitar) and Sam Kiszka (bass/keyboard) join lifelong friend Danny Wagner (drums) for Greta Van Fleet’s debut double EP From The Fires. The 70’s-motivated, hair-raising insta-hit pulls 4 songs from their true debut EP Black Smoke Rising which first appeared last April. The first of those 6 month-old tracks “Safari Song” starts off the double EP with a model riff from Jake Kiszka and defining scream from Josh Kiszka to immediately showcase the confidence of the young 20+ year olds. To all you old-school Led Zeppelin fans, that’s what the kiddos would call going “0 to 100 real f***ing quick.” Their most acclaimed track “Highway Tune” soon follows in the same fashion by winning over the hearts of classic rock fans through an initial bellow and subsequent hook that will have listeners running their hands through their hair in nostalgic amazement.

From The Fires also launches 4 brand new tracks that pull from a much more disparate influence. Several covers like Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and Fairpoint Convention’s “Meet On The Ledge” balance the heavier, more distinct rock songs from Black Smoke Rising with softer, more soulful counterbalances. After capping the album off with arguably the most Zeppelin-esque track “Black Smoke Rising,” listeners are found wading in a dreamlike cloud of pure sentiment, wondering where such iconic voices have been hiding for all these decades. The wait is over my friends.

Favorite Tracks: Black Smoke Rising, Highway Tune, Edge Of Darkness, Safari Song