The word “quirky” doesn’t even begin to describe Charlie Burg. His low-fi production, perfunctory finger picking and and excessively mundane lyrical thought process are characteristically fun, but his true indie style comes out in his honest and unnecessary recording session additions. Take the beginning and end of “Instead Of My Room” as an example. The inclusion of the real-life back-and-forth where Burg gives the warning call “Ready?” and rips a quick anticipatory practice riff immediately makes the him seem more human at the song’s onset. Similarly, at the song’s conclusion Burg and his bandmates are heard restlessly releasing lines like “YEAH,” “Got it!,” and “There it is!” to express their relatable satisfaction with a near-perfect take, only to further brainstorm with the cliffhanging line “One of my lines needs to be…”

The most hilariously exciting portion of “Instead Of My Room” however, is undoubtedly Burg’s backup vocalist. Burg rushes through specific lines just to give his supporting cast a chance to shout nerdy shower thoughts, like “I wanna go out and see the new Star Wars with you,” “I’ve had a crush on Emma Watson since the first grade,” and the ominously unanswered “Is Harry Potter a wizard, or is he a dude?” Don’t worry Charlie & Co., we were all thinking the same same things.