Most extended play videos truthfully aggravate me. Rather than mold a music video around a song’s conceptual significance, directors take liberties in cutting up bits and pieces of a song to fit it into an loosely related narrative. At its completion, the video is often twice as long as the original studio track, and the substance that listeners came to hear is diluted with an over-complicated back story.

Placebo’s “Loud Like Love” is one of the rare exceptions in extended play entertainment. With the help of an old-timey instructional voice, the viewer is intentionally lead onto to a poor analysis of an unassuming pool scene. The progression of the video gives viewers an incalculable amount of interconnected clues to consider in order to solve an ambiguous case. Vague as that may be, the entire scene serves to encompass the theme that love is complicated, entertaining, undefinable, and of course loud. The series of interconnected actions are entertaining in their absurdity and engaging in their front-facing cheesiness. The video shows that the lyrics may be washed over with poppy overtones, but the raw rock’n’roll spirit that has driven London’s Placebo for over two decades is continuing to spread its gloriously black wings.