Covering Fleetwood Mac in any way, shape, or form is a daring move. Eternally memorable riffs, Stevie Nicks’ unmatched voice, and the lore of uniting crowds amidst intense internal divisiveness all cement Fleetwood Mac as one of the most interesting bands of all time. As arguably the most iconic song off Rumours, “Dreams” sits atop Fleetwood’s list of purely untouchables. For a struggling band, covering a recognizable song like “Dreams” may seem like low-hanging fruit. But buyer beware – it’s impossible to cover such an emblematic song without being exposed to the intense criticism of the nostalgic and judgmental listening public.

Young & Sick were willing to take that scrutiny-ridden leap only to find their risk yielding surprising dividends. The single released by the Los Angeles/New York artist at the end of 2017 was a conceptually flagrant red flag that indicated Young & Sick may be losing steam in their three and half year productive absence. A decisive first listen would quickly prove otherwise, as Young & Sick take a much more bouncy, party-starting approach in their reshaping of a household classic. They’re respectful of the song’s melodic core, but the faster tempo, more upbeat percussion and creative vocal twists look to remember the good times all while promoting that the audience dance the night away.