Do you recognize the voice you’re hearing? Come on loyal listeners, you know this one (queue Jeopardy music)…

Time’s up! If you haven’t put your finger on it yet, give a listen to the previous post I made a couple days ago: SOTD – Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover) by Young & Sick. Nick van Hofwegen, otherwise known by the moniker Young & Sick, may have been on a bit of a hiatus from his solo work, but he was by no means dormant. During his “time off” in 2016, he joined forces with London producers Mustafa and James to create the collective known as Mr Sanka.

If you thought van Hofwegen was taking a break from independent production to focus on his eloquent lyricism, you’d be very wrong. “Flight Mode” candidly compares the euphoria of falling under the influence with the metaphor of taking flight – a common comparison within everyday slang. Van Hofwegan even adds to the rhetoric by plainly joking that he’s making the noble decision while his comrade boringly “stays at Planet Home.” Those lyrics still mean something deeper to Van Hofwegen and company however, as he described to NME Magazine, “The amount of miles traveled and cocktails consumed by the time we hit the record button on “Flight Mode” was quite literally sky high. The track embodies and introduces what this rather out of the blue project is all about.”

lyrical inspiration aside, the real reason for van Hofwegen’s collaboration was to provide the productive prowess that sat outside his wheelhouse. Mustafa and James give “Flight Mode” a much needed mixture of genres by following up an initial bass guitar-filled alternative intro with a house-centric ear-buster of a chorus. Throw in van Hofwegen’s high-pitched crescendo, and you have yourself a one-of-a-kind banger.