If my Album of the Month wasn’t enough of a testament, Kacey Musgraves has been one of 2018’s biggest winners thus far. What better way to take advantage of your rediscovered success than by bringing your friends along for the ride?

The Brummies toured as an opening act for Musgraves back in 2014 under their previous name John & Jacob, but with the release of their collaborative 2018 single “Drive Away,” The Brummies now find themselves riding Musgraves coattails into public relevancy. The Brummies concurrent release of their debut album Eternal Reach has propelled their full setlist of meditative, bluesy rock into the spotlight. Billboard asserted the same point, proclaiming “The Brummies’ music is melodic pop rock with more than a retro feel to many of the tunes —perhaps due to their recording everything on analog — but then they’ll toss in a catchy hook that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Killers record or rock out like arena headliners.This is an album to be listened to from start to finish.”

Well before The Brummies intelligently piggybacked on Musgraves’ success however, they carved their own path through their debut 2017 double-release Takes Some Time/Norway. Both of these tracks assert the Nashville foursome as gritty stalwarts, craftily seeding the heavily saturated country music scene with a musing valiance worthy of a tip of the cowboy hat. Expect The Brummies to add multiple individual tour dates to their already impressive festival lineup scheduled for this summer.