Not everyone enveloped in the Malibu lifestyle is a beach-side celebrity drowning in fame. For Matt Dimona and Lani Renaldo, “Malibuu” is less of a physical location, and more of a state of mind. Within this geographically-driven mentality exists a dream spot for young anybodies looking to unwind in the comfort of effortless intimacy. The problem for these romantics is that that their perfunctory, reactive affair is not sustainable. Dimona’s story of loose hope in the thick of lost loves parallels Renaldo’s as each of them desperately reach for a feeling of uncomplicated closeness that escaped them in Malibu not long ago.

As desperate as they may seem, their fecklessness is asserted through their light, free-flowing cadence. Their relaxed nature is discharged through a simplistic talk-singing style familiar with many other millennial hip hop stars like Chance The Rapper and Kanye West. Dimona’s debut 2016 EP Up All Night incorporates that same smirk-worthy carelessness, removing the stress that normally goes hand-in-hand with relationship troubles. There’s no need for Dimona to whine about his troubles – we’re adults and we can talk this over.