Life is defined by mysteriousness, but the inability to answer humanity’s most puzzling uncertainties can lead to a dangerous quest for answers. Half Moon Run’s “Full Circle” explores how that uncontrollable urge to discover the imperceptible can lead down a dark, addictive path. The song’s protagonist watches in dismay as a close friend becomes increasingly disoriented by the unconquerable topics of theology, medicine, and other mundane anomalies. Those topics eat away at the friend, slowly dragging them away from sobriety to fill the ambiguous void. Finally, every chorus finds their head turning “full circle” – an exemplification of the cyclical high that the user returns to every time the confusion and anxiety gets to be too much.

As if the lyrical concept of “Full Circle” wasn’t heavy enough, lead singer Devon Portielje simultaneously raises eyebrows and pulses with an anxiously fast tone. Supporting guitarist Conner Molander leads in Portielje with a complexly tense acoustic intro, while drummer Dylan Phillips supplants that intro with a soft and isolated back-beat. Portielje’s subsequent series of electric riffs tingle the subconscious with and apprehensive uneasiness, thus making the addict in question’s problems felt by the audience.