Ask Madonna: If you live somewhere long enough, you’ll start sounding like it.

Minneapolis-raised Caroline Smith moved to Los Angeles in 2016 as a Midwesterner looking for creative refuge. Her dawning career as an somewhat successful electronic alt-pop artist had taken off with her 2013 debut album Half About Being a Womanbut her subsequent 3 year artistic lapse left her at an creative impasse. Her arrival in LA coincided with the awaited release of her 2016 single “Trying Not to Love You“, but another ensuing 2 year content delay proved that this new city may be yearning for a new Caroline Smith.

What better way to make your name known than by making it personalized. With that in mind, Caroline Smith emerged out of 2018 as Your Smith: a fresh, more laid back 2nd-person pseudonym for a forthright woman looking to connect more directly with her audience. Your Smith is all about taking the “When in Rome” approach to acclimating into the LA music culture, revoking her Midwestern ways and embracing a SoCal lifestyle through voguish instrumentals, free-spirited lyrics, and an everlasting stream of Californian references. Her debut 2018 single “The Spot” is so LA it hurts, alluding to everything from California’s I-5 interstate highway to Northern California’s Jefferson territory as the place everyone should go to unwind.

More importunately, Your Smith’s new identity has allowed her to emulate previously untapped influences. Her newfound approach takes all the fun aspects from Sheryl Crow’s summertime hits like “All I Wanna Do” or “Soak Up The Sun” and packages them in a more dance-centric progression of casually liberating energy. As if that wasn’t enough, you better start working on your dance moves if you want to compete with Your Smith – the music video for the “The Spot” is about as much proof as humanly necessary to show that this woman dances like no one’s watching.