If you’re still mad at the emotionless bots that stole your Taylor Swift Era’s Tour tickets, I have good news. It’s festival season, which means you can finally put down your Ticketmaster picket sign and explore some of the other music the world has to offer. Yes, Swifties, other music does in fact exist.

For those of you who didn’t catch your favorite local music festival’s 2023 lineup announcement until now, brace yourselves. Chances are you’ll either be beyond excited about the stacked list of artists coming to your local city, or potentially scratching your head trying to figure out who the hell these seemingly random musical acts are. Some of you might even fall in the middle of those two options, utterly confused about what made yesterday’s artists like The Flaming Lips, Skrillex, or M83 relevant enough to tour again.

In other words, unless you’re a streaming savant with a firm pulse on the the music industry’s rising stars and enduring celebrities, the live music scene may seem a lot less appealing to you.

That being said, there’s no reason to miss amazing concerts and put a damper on the next 9 months just because keeping up with new music is an uphill battle. The following playlist contains 40 songs from the first three months of the year. They’re in no particular order, with a limit of one song per artist. Hopefully after a quick listen, your insight into some of this year’s most exciting artists will make that local festival lineup look a little less intimidating after all.